New HD renders

Here are the ships of the line. I didn’t like some of the older 3d space ship modles, so I sat down and did some new models. I like these much better.
They are also much more detailed. The old models were made for 600X800 resolution, but these will stand up to HD 720p very nicely.

The ships are proofing rendered for quality checks.

They were modeled in 3d studio and the textures were created in photoshop.

The planet (Kellvettie Dru) in the background is also a test of the new High def texture maps. As I didn’t like the old planet maps and like these MUCH, Much better.

The fist picture is of a s Stethomite lighter and its bigger cousin, a Stethomite frigate.

The smaller gray ship is The Catatonic Rabbit and Phlub’s star ship, the Manta

The second picture is a close up of the Stethomite lighter.