Three pictures of the bovine assault fleet in orbit around kellvetti Dru….

This is a screen grab from the new Yak Phlem cartoon. This is a still shot from an animated sequence.

This shot has the spaceships, a planet and it’s moons and then the background textures.

This entire scene was modeled in 3ds Max 4.0 and the textures were created in both Photoshop and good old trusty Paint shop pro. A program that I use quite a lot. It is just as handy as Photoshop yet requires less computer resources (A.K.A the “Footprint”) then photoshopo, thus freeing memory up for the actual pictures instead of the application.

A key feature when you are dealing with “less” then top of the line computer systems.

The Purple Bovine “greep” class ships were about 10,000 Polygons and were made up of opacity and bmp textures.

The Grey Bovine frigates were much more detailed and have 269k Polygons and the planet were just plain old spheres clocking in at about 100k polygons.

The Larger Bovine frigates were made up of about three different ship models that I found out on the net. I cut them up and pieced them together to come up with this ship design.

All total it took about 15 hours to model out these ships and stage this scene.

The 1.8 gig AMD Atholon with 712 megs of ram and took about 8 minutes to render the entire scene out.