I’ve been working on building out the set and here are some of the pics from today‚Äôs build out.
These are for the stop Motion animated portion of the new Kelvetii Dru animation.

This set will make up a six block section of a city, where Yak slugs it out against a platoon of Zombie Natzi SS Storm Trooper Stethomites. This is all shot in front of a blue screen and composited with a 3d rendered background of a bigger city battle going on in the back ground.

This set is constructed of cardboard and glue basically. I took a bunch of old cardboard moving boxes I had and some paint that was on the shelf and started making the city scape. All told it was about 10 feet by 4 feet.

I also rounded up a bunch of architecture textures from my 3d librarys and scalled them out for printing. I then printed them out on photo glossy paper and cut them out and glued them onto the cardboard buildings. This helped in adding lots of details. Windows and door frames images rounded out the exterior details and really helped in selling the whole idea of a city.

I used lots o real pictures of steet signs and standard architecture textures like bricks and metal sidings and such. I found most of these in my pre existing texture libraries and what I couldn’t find I google imaged up.

I would scale these pictures and put about twenty to a 8×10 page in Photoshop and print them out on my inkjet printer.

So far it’s been great fun, great fun indeed, to put this whole project together. I should have the city models built out at the end of the weekend and start actual filming the first of next week.

I feel a few all-nighters brewing up.

Anyway.. Onward, ever onward…

 Yak Phlem Surrounded by some gun props
Yak Phlem Posing with a slew of prop guns 

A shot of the building in construction.
This is the base paint jobs and
some of the set super structure, built out of cardboard boxes

A longer shot of the overall set in construction.
You can easily see the construction parameters and cardboard boxes.

A close up of a building.  The Brick texture is just a photo printout
cut from glossy photopaper and printed on the inkjet printer and glued
to the side of the building.