I have long been wanting to do a kickstarter project and I have the next 45 days to finish one of the apps game I have been toying with, Firedrake. and plan on doing a kickstarter to get the project over the finish line. I have been playing with Firedrake for a couple of months now, but now have a stretch of time over the holidays ad into the new year to focus completely on it.

It should be a fairly simple project to get finished. Most of the content is written and about half of the art is done. I’ve modeled the gameplay already in HTML and have started working in Java with Eclipse and all is chugging along nicely.

The one kicker and potential roadblock to a successful campaign, is my hellishly slow Inet speed. Here in the outskirts, I have a mere 56k dial up connection to blog/kickstart/inet on. On the best of days I get 48.2 kps. It is maddening. No netflix, no facebook, no ebay… they all just take far to long to load and I start getting data corruptions and server timeouts ;(

There are no high speed options here in the woods and I am beginning to think, especially with data caps being all the rage with IPS’s and rural America still not connected up to the high speed grids, a movement to start coding sites that are bandwidth intensively stupid, like it’s 1999 again. With clean interfaces and no facebook tracking widgets and minimum “interactive ads”

Oh well, what does one do? I have considered setting up an old NT system with two modems and two phone lines. NT had an old trick called “multiplexing” that allowed the use to two or more phone lines to act as one. I’d get a whopping 90k connection, wich is just shy of being recognized as “low end high speed threshold of 100k) On the flip side. I do have an extra machine that I can use to start loading a page (sometimes takes 10 minutes to load some of the super heavy pages) while I work on other projects! Patience is the king now-a-days!