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Site managment and SEO
2D and 3D Animatiion and Modeling
Film and Video Production
Graphic Design
Boing Conetx U. I. interface

Portfolio \ Film and Television projects

Coraline, The Movie

Second Unit Animation Lead
On contract for Laika Studios, in Portland. Lead team of four animators and acted as chief Stop Motion Puppiter and nimated "lucky Katt"
Nominated For 2010 Oscar for "Best Animated Feature" Nominated for 2120 Golden Globe for "Best Animated Feature"
F4 The Rise of Silver Surfer

Developed 22 fire based effects shot utilizing cutting edge 3D computer particle animation.
Authored in 3d Studio Max and Combustion
Fantastic Four: The Movie

Contract VFX for IMB Studios in Vancouver, CA. Animated 13 particle animation fire effects and worked three composite shots. Utilized Unimatte and After Effects for HD Compositing and 3d Studio/Combusion for creation of the partical fire effects
Star Trek: The Animated Series

Executive Production of Saturday Morning Animated Cartoon Series
Conceptualized, wrote, animated and edited thirteen, 22 minute HD animated episodes for broadcast
Star Trek OS 2.0 Reboot

Developed 87 enhanced effects shots for ST 2.0 , Modeled 3D Starships, rigged, textured and animated effects shots.
Operation Highjump:
History Channel WWII Documentary

Executive producer of one hour HD WWII documentary for Region 2 broadcast. This production highlights Admeral Byrds Trips to the Antartic.
Yak Phlem The Underhero

Executive producer of stop motion animated series. Responsible for fully digital mastering that included conceptualizing, armature and puppet creation, miniature set building, animation, editing, post production.
Tails Of The Catatonic Rabbit: MTV2 (28 episodes)

Executive producer of sci-fi 3D animated series. Responsible for fully digital mastering that included 3D modeling, texturing, keyframing, Rendering, audio engineering, editing.
MTV Spot Logos

Created Five spot logos for MTV and Series Identifiers for Liquid Television.



Game Credits

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain: (Sierra) (Lip Synch Keyframer, Localization Keyframer)

Space Aids: (14th Chapter) 2D scroller (Created Total Conversion for Scroller engine. Created all graphic and sound elements including game sprites and intro and admin screens)

Nitendo Wii: Knee-Moc: Space Merc 3D shooter authored in The Real(Game Design, Level Design, Art Director)

Knee-Moc: The Planet Of The Undead: Expansion pack.(Game Design, Level Design, Graphic Design)

Norvak The Transsexual Viking: Turn Based RPG(Level Design, Artist)

Subjugation: (14th Chapter) Shareware turn based space sim(Game Design, Art Director)

Demo Reels

Yak Phlem:

Lock and Load
Drue's tears



Three Bad Bums

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